Leading data management software – innovative choice for businesses

An enterprise must manage many areas such as customer management, order management, production management, personnel management, timekeeping, payroll, …; However, it is common for each department to use a single type of software to manage data, resulting in exchange, links, and data synchronization that will be difficult and time-consuming, confusing, error in the management process. This reduces productivity and managers do not accurately grasp the work situation, leading to not making timely decisions. In particular, as businesses are growing, orders and goods are increasing and staffing is becoming more complex, business owners will be caught up in “deadlock.” Therefore, in order not to fall into that situation, enterprises should use data management software solutions. If there is ambiguity about this solution, the following reasons will make businesses unable to hesitate anymore and immediately find them.

  1. ERP – a comprehensive enterprise management solution

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is the method of applying information technology to management activities so that enterprises and organizations can achieve optimal business efficiency, minimize the loss or consumption of all resources. The current ERP enterprise management solution is mentioned in the world. Because if the business is looking for the best ERP solution in the market to apply to operate its business, it will bring optimum efficiency.

An ERP solution will give businesses the following benefits:

  • ERP software helps managers easily access reliable information so they can make decisions on the basis of sufficient information. Without ERP, managers will have to rely on various sources of information to get the information they need to run the company.
  • ERP system allows users to access data sources of enterprises quickly. It is possible to decentralize the use of each employee of each department so that managers can understand the work situation of each employee to be able to provide the most effective way of working.
  • There is no limit on business size and type of business. ERP systems operate flexibly, can easily customize the process according to each industry, each business needs need to ensure good operation in every business process of each business.
  • Information focused, accurate and timely. Information is updated according to the real-time system, ensuring accuracy and completeness, making it easier to manage and promptly correct errors arising in the production process.
  • Easy to upgrade and expand. In the process of operation, new demands arise, many businesses need to expand business and production. With ERP systems, users can easily expand and upgrade the software to be able to operate more efficiently and more appropriately with daily changes in the business.
  • Using ERP software helps businesses reduce investment costs much more than investing in many discrete systems.
  • Optimize operational processes, have the ability to synchronize data and integrate data. Can integrate with other systems in the business to reduce duplication and increase consistency for businesses.

Leading data management software - innovative choice for businesses

  1. Electronic invoice software

Electronic billing software is specialized software for issuing, storing and managing invoices on electronic systems. Electronic invoices are forms of invoices that use electronic means to create, search, store … in order to replace traditional paper invoices, which are encouraged by the state. With the many benefits of electronic invoicing compared to traditional paper bills, the application of this form is becoming increasingly popular. Benefits of electronic invoices for businesses:

The use of electronic invoices helps businesses reduce costs to comply with tax administrative procedures. When businesses use electronic invoices, basic tax administrative procedures of enterprises are also implemented electronically. Accordingly, enterprises only need to notify via the network and send to the tax authority on the use of electronic invoices and are used immediately after the notice is accepted. At the same time, businesses do not have to register electronic invoice forms, do not have to send reports on the use of invoices to the tax authorities because the electronic invoicing software allows self-determination of the number of electronic invoices used. use.

  • The use of electronic invoices also helps businesses reduce the time to make a value-added tax declaration compared to using printed invoices, self-printed invoices because the software creates invoices that automatically transfer data into declarations.
  • In addition to the above benefits, the use of electronic invoices also helps tax authorities to promptly prevent invoices of enterprises fleeing, missing, overcoming the situation of fake invoices, creating a healthy business environment. for businesses, promote e-commerce development. At the same time, use electronic invoices to contribute to environmental protection; overcome the problem of fraudulent use of invoices.
  1. HR management software for businesses

Human Resource Management software provides a comprehensive human resource management solution, including all the features of building the company’s organizational structure, Recruitment, Training, Employee Profile Management, Management welfare policies, social insurance, health insurance, health insurance, income tax, time attendance, payroll, job description management, workflows, staff assessment, administrative management, authorization system. .. Human resource management software system can be used for all types of companies from small scale to large scale, for all industries from production – business – trade services to financial industries. main, education, …

Benefits that HR management software brings to businesses:

  • Ordering software only targets and meets the existing needs of the ordering business.
  • Help deepen and solve the difficult problems of the human resource management process of that enterprise.
  • Easily connect with other software in the business and software scalability is easy.
  • And this software is only applicable to ordering businesses, it is difficult to meet the requirements of other businesses.
  • Delivering practical benefits for businesses, but it is quite expensive and often costs more to implement application upgrades.
  1. Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

MES is a computer system used in manufacturing, to monitor and record the conversion of raw materials into finished goods. MES provides information to help producers of production decisions understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output. MES operates in real time to allow control of many elements of the manufacturing process (eg, inputs, personnel, machinery and support services).

MES ensures the consistency of production throughout the production cycle with the ability to execute multi-story, intensive floors. Maximize production flexibility and increase visibility from the factory to the management department. Improve process implementation with clear and detailed construction definitions. Increase plant efficiency with integrated planning and inventory management. Help businesses Increase profits by capturing accurate product costs and tracking actual product costs. Optimize profits with multiple cost methods and improve inventory valuation.

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